St Patricks Church, 1 St John Street, Coatbridge

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The transfer of the excellent Willis Organ from Clifton Church to St. Patrick's Church deserves a mention. The instrument, which led the Church of Scotland congregation for almost 135 years, now leads the Catholic congregation of St. Patrick's in singing the praise of God, which echoes the truth that it is the One God that we worship.

A service of Dedication and Thanksgiving took place on Sunday, 8 November 2009 in St. Patrick's Church, Coatbridge.It was ecumenical in nature. Members of both communities filled the church to capacity. Five favourite hymns were selected by each parish. In total nine different organists accompanied the hymn singing and at times the roof was in danger of being raised. On this historic occasion the hymns sung were:

Christ be Beside Me (a favourite of the Parish Priest)
Guide me, O thou Great Redeemer
Be Still for the Presence of the Lord
Will Your Anchor Hold?
On this House your Blessing Lord
Praise my Soul the King of Heaven
Now Thank we all our God
Great is thy Faithfulness
The Lord is Kind
The Day thou Gavest Lord is ended

In a brochure/hymn sheet to accompany the service the Parish Priest wrote the following words:

"The transfer of the excellent Willis Organ from Clifton Parish Church to St. Patrick's deserves to be mentioned when the history of both parishes is recorded. It is an event of both historical and ecumenical significance. The instrument which led the Church of Scotland Congregation for 135 years now leads the Catholic Congregation of St. Patrick's in singing the praises of God which echoes the truth that it is the one true God that we worship. I have no doubt that the event will be remembered and spoken of for generations to come. This service, ecumenical in nature is also a service of praise and thanksgiving and this is reflected in the choice of hymns for the occasion."

The parish secretary (and Pastoral Assistant) wrote a letter of thanks to the Rev. Fiona Nicolson, minister at New St. Andrew's Parish Church expressing the gratitude of the St. Patrick's Community for their generosity in gifting this wonderful instrument to St. Patrick's.