St Patricks Church, 1 St John Street, Coatbridge

Telephones - House: 01236 606808, Hall: 01236 606116

In 1845 Fr William Walsh becomes the first pastor of a new mission, St Patrick's Coatbridge, which stretches from Coatdyke to Shettleston and from Cardowan to Carnbroe. Fr Walsh celebrates Mass in a carpenter's shed in East Canal Street (now South Circular Road) and lives nearby.

The original church built on the present site is opened in November 1848 by the Ceremony of Blessing. Pontifical Mass is then celebrated and sung by Right Rev Dr John Murdoch, Vicar Apostolic, Western District. Fr O'Keeffe acts as sub-deacon at Mass.

The original St Patrick's Church is closed on Sunday, 19th August 1894. The last sermon is preached by Fr Charles Reid Brown whose father, William Brown, was present at its opening in 1848.

On Pentecost Sunday, May 17, 1896, our present church is opened and blessed by the Right Rev John A Maguire, Bishop - Auxiliary, and later Archbishop of Glasgow (1902-20).