St Patricks Church, 1 St John Street, Coatbridge

Telephones - House: 01236 606808, Hall: 01236 606116
Foreword by our parish priest.

When I first visited St Patrick's after Bishop Devine appointed me as Parish Priest in August last year(1995), I immediately observed the beauty and magnificence of the church building. I was aware of the approaching Centenary and while I felt it would be difficult to improve on the splendour of the building, I thought that some modifications would make it more functional, perhaps more devotional. The main areas of work were the old Baptistry, now the Centenary Chapel in which the Blessed Sacrament is exposed daily and has become a suitable Prayer Centre for the people of Coatbridge; the Porch and the Sanctuary. I observe with satisfaction a constant flow of people coming to St Patrick's throughout the day.

Church buildings must be constantly maintained and the Centenary is certainly an occasion to restore the church to prime condition. When we think of the sacrifices our ancestors made to provide the parish with such a splendid building, our work is small by comparison. I am grateful to the parishioners for their enthusiasm, patience and support during the recent work.

While the Church is a centre of spirituality and our place of worship, let us be aware that we are the living stones that form

the Catholic Community of St Patrick's.

Like the building itself, we too can regard the Centenary as a time of personal and community renewal. As your shepherd and pastor, I pledge myself to lead you in this direction. It is a task that I approach wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm every day.

As we face the second century of the church and stand on the threshold of the new millennium, I look forward to many years of further growth in our parish community.

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Father Sweeney